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While traditional marketing methods remain essential, Epic stands at the forefront of modern marketing tactics, incorporating latest social media tactics and sophisticated marketing automation platforms. We're renowned for crafting compelling, informative content that effectively presents your brand across major content platforms.

With Epic, excellence in design and production doesn't just meet the highest standards — it defines them.

Unleash the power of "M"

Define objective

We begin by defining your marketing objective—a clear destination that guides our every move.

Market summary

Our team conducts a comprehensive analysis of the market landscape, examining trends, competitors, and consumer behavior to unearth valuable insights.

Business initiatives

We align your marketing efforts with your broader business initiatives, ensuring a cohesive and impactful approach.

Target audience

By meticulously defining and understanding your target audience, we tailor our strategies to captivate and resonate with the right people.

Strategic plan development

Drawing upon our expertise, we develop a meticulously crafted strategic plan that serves as a roadmap to success, aligning all marketing activities.

Budget management

Our team carefully allocates budgets to maximize ROI, leveraging data-driven insights and industry benchmarks to make informed investment decisions.

Marketing channels

From traditional to digital channels, we identify the optimal mix to amplify your brand's reach and engage your target audience effectively.

Use of technology

We harness the power of cutting-edge marketing technologies, leveraging data analytics, automation, and personalization to drive results and enhance customer experiences.

Epic Connect™

Teaser campaigns & pre-launch

Increase awareness for your project and entice target audiences to learn more about the development all the while gathering data to help strengthen followup campaigns.

Priority registration campaigns

Promote priority registrations and exclusive early registration privileges to highly targeted potential buyers through our Real Estate specific audience profiles.

Events and project launches

Program Ads to announce special event dates and important launch dates to residents in specific postal walk locations.

Increase traffic to sales centres

Engage audiences with a personalized customer journey that directs traffic towards sales centres, while leveraging location and time specific targeting on multiple touchpoints, enhancing the influx of traffic to sales centres.

Geo targeting

Target geographic locations that are much wider and broader than traditional advertising tactics. Target specific pockets of residential homes or cover entire cities.

Platform specific targeting

Target specific platforms locally, nationally or internationally while leveraging powerful social media and content platforms and communicate with those who meet necessary criteria.

Dynamic messaging

Epic Connect revolutionizes the advertising space by serving dynamic advertisements tailored to each viewer. Now, advertisements can cater to specific preferences like square footage, number of bedrooms, or even color schemes. This innovation in dynamic messaging presents an unprecedented opportunity to connect with relevance — an edge beyond the reach of traditional advertising.

Content specific targeting

What better time to showcase your development to the potential buyer when they’re reading the latest development plans announced by the city. Or when an editorial about soaring real estate prices article makes headlines. Your development can be there. Even better, we can target ALL content related to positive and informative real estate content across major publishers.

3X target


Geographic targeting


Demographic targeting


Behavioural targeting

3X target is a sophisticated marketing strategy, where every move is purposeful, every insight is leveraged, and every channel is a canvas for creativity. Together, we will unlock the true potential of your brand, forging unforgettable connections in the ever-evolving landscape of marketing.

How can Epic Inspired
help you?

Use case 1: Tight deadline to launch project

Challenge: Launch dates are set, however, media buy requires more planning.

Solution: Epic Connect’s powerful advertising platform works in real-time. Developments can rapidly deploy advertising campaigns at scale to premium content providers in a matter of hours getting market coverage in real-time. Delivery tactics can be specific to hour of day, day of week or even specific to the weather conditions. The reverse is true to stop campaigns at a minutes notice.

Use case 2: Print advertising budget isn't enough

Challenge:  Print advertising budgets only covers a small market segment.

Solution: Print advertising is one of the most effective way to reach highly targeted real estate seekers. However, print budgets are often expensive and require a great deal of planning to maximize it’s benefits often leading to selection guesswork and uncertainty. Although not a replacement for print advertising, Epic Connect significantly boosts awareness and web visits through it’s highly efficient targeting engine. Often a single full page print ad is equivalent to hundreds of thousands of ad impressions and weeks of market coverage and a wider geographical coverage. Moreover, running Epic Connect parallel to print advertising exponentially increases awareness and engagement.

Use case 3: Low awareness of project's existence

Challenge:  Increase market awareness registration for development.

Solution: Despite advertising efforts, awareness can be low due to factors beyond advertising such as missed opportunities with specific target audiences, geographic coverage, messaging and hidden buyers just to name a few. Epic Connect’s powerful targeting engine can put your development in front of a wider audience with a broader reach and depth into the market.

Use case 4: Fierce competition

Challenge: Competition is taking away the leads.

Solution: The hype created by your competition may actually be good for your development. We carefully analyze competitors and their selling features levelling the playing field by targeting those potential buyers who have visited a competitor’s website. Through our ‘conquest’ tactic, Epic Connect is able to target buyers who have searched for specific project names/developments, locations, addresses or visited presentation centres. The reverse can be said about boasting features that are unique to your development.

Use case 5: Reinforcing direct mail program

Challenge: Increase touch point frequency.

Solution: Direct mail campaigns are a great way to connect with homeowners. Specific postal walks and neighbourhood targeting has made direct mail a proven advertising strategy and continues to be one of the most valuable marketing tools for marketers. Epic Connect takes direct mail to a whole new level by dramatically increasing touch point frequency. Epic Connect’s fully integrated postal walk system allows the same homeowners to encounter development ads weeks prior to the actual delivery of direct mail ads.

Use case 6: Increase traffic to presentation centre

Challenge: Launch event is fast approaching and you need traffic.

Solution: Timing is everything. Notifying the market of a launch event can be challenging. Gone are the days of huge announcement on weekend papers. Not only costly and risky but project launches have become more sophisticated with RSVP invitations, priority previewing and phased launch dates. Driving traffic to each of these initiatives requires well planned tactics. Epic Connect can be programmed to match specific launch dates and events but more than that, deliver ‘impulse’ ads that use campaign messages such as “Today”, “In 5 Hours”, “2PM” or even “You’re within 500 Meters from us”. The increased familiarity helps potential buyers to recognize the direct mail piece which increases ‘open rates’.

Use case 7: Advertising to stay on top-of-mind

Challenge: You were top-of-mind, now you’re second or third in mind.

Solution: Although it has happened many times, single day sell-outs are not always possible. This means, developments and marketing professionals have to spend a great deal of time and effort to stay top-of-mind. Epic Connect is a fantastic way to stay connected with buyers and follow-up. Our ‘follow’ program has been engineered to follow potential buyers who have visited/registered at your development. Adding our dynamic messaging opens up a whole new level of follow up ads to be served specifically for the potential buyer(s).

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