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Epic Inspired is a full-service creative agency founded in the year 2001 by Simon Chang. The name of the company itself carries a profound meaning that reflects its philosophy and approach to creativity. It's an embodiment of the dynamic convergence of ideas, innovation, and inspiration - a testament to the spirit that drove its inception and continues to drive its progress.

'EPIC' is a word that conjures images of grand narratives, journeys, and accomplishments that transcend the ordinary. It signifies the ambition to challenge conventions and push the boundaries of what's possible. This word represents the audacity of the company's aspirations - to create campaigns and solutions that don't just fulfill the expectations of clients, but redefine them. To 'be epic' is to make an enduring impact, to create narratives and experiences that are monumental, just like the epic tales of old. It's about conceiving ideas that can transform the landscape of creativity, much like epic tales that have shaped cultures.

'INSPIRED' is an equally potent term. It embodies a spirit of enthusiasm, a spark that ignites innovation and creativity. Being 'inspired' means constantly seeking the new and extraordinary, continually looking beyond the horizon for fresh perspectives. It is about maintaining an environment where ideas are nurtured and imaginations are kindled. It's about fostering a culture where every team member is inspired to bring their best to the table, their most original ideas, their unique perspectives. It underpins the belief that inspiration can be found anywhere and that it's the driving force behind innovation.

Combining these two powerful words - 'Epic' and 'Inspired' - creates a compelling narrative about the company's vision and mission. For over two decades, Epic Inspired has been living up to its name, delivering creative solutions that are not just innovative and compelling, but also transformative. It's an agency that takes pride in crafting epic campaigns that captivate audiences, while drawing inspiration from the world around them and the clients they serve. This is the essence of Epic Inspired, a name that truly encapsulates the agency's spirit, purpose, and commitment to excellence in creativity.

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Epic Inspired understands the challenges faced by developers and marketers and has responded by offering efficient and effective creative processes for today’s demanding marketplace. Epic solutions reach beyond traditional venues and new media — our strategies have successfully adopted the latest technological innovations to offer maximum impact for real estate marketing.

Our integrated branding, digital, print and onsite solutions are designed and proven to achieve results for our clients.

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