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The ultimate form of freedom. A company’s potential to stay relevant and recognizable relies on its ability to be flexible. At Epic Inspired, we are agents of change. As markets shift and consumer perceptions alter, we have the knowledge and expertise to move you forward. Our team adapts to a need, modifying perspectives and strategies that allow your company to make calculated decisions and to stay at the forefront of the market. Ultimately, we design integrated solutions to retool and rejuvenate your brand, building positive change that will impact your bottom line.


A symphony of harmonious touch points compels. The hallmark of an iconic brand is unity across its various touch points. Consumers often disconnect with a brand when separate elements of its messaging become disjointed or diluted. It is essential that design solutions maintain a consistent consumer experience. At Epic, we create concise and genuine connections. Our goal is to produce visual designs and social elements that speak the same language, optimizing every opportunity for you to reach your target audience.


The most valuable man-made asset in the world. In order to effectively communicate your brand’s story, a foundation of trust is essential between client and designer. In all our collaborations – through equal partnership and mutual understanding – we leverage our expertise to forge a strong rapport with the brands we represent. We infuse freshness and vitality, strengthening your messaging through our marketing solutions and our interpersonal relationships. In doing so, we connect your company’s values with a design built on shared confidence that speaks volumes.

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