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Epic 3DX Views consolidates stunning aerial views of a development's location into a single interactive app. Prospects will now have the opportunity to experience the views from their new home firsthand, eliminating the need to rely on their imagination.


What is 3DX Views?

Views from a
project location

360° aerial shots bundled into one interactive app. Look freely around the site of your project's location.

An excellent interactive sales tool

The intuitive UI makes 3DX Views an excellent sales tool. Seamlessly switch between different floors or from day to night and level up your sales presentation.

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Main Features

360 aerial panorama icon.

360° Aerial Panorama

Beautiful 360° shots from the development

Highly interactive icon.

Highly Interactive

Reliable, smooth interactivity

Multi-platform icon.


Available for mobile, tablets, desktop, and kiosks

Easy to use icon.

Easy to Use

Common mobile gestures make it familiar and easy to use right from the get go

How does 3DX Views work?

360 degree aerial panning.

360° aerial view

Immersive and interactive. Smoothly pan and experience the views all around where the development will sit.

Day and night switch.

Day and Night

Toggle between day and night at any time and experience the contrasting views from all angles.

Floor views.

View from any floor

Experience the views from any floor in just one click of a button.


  • Portable Devices
  • Desktop Computers
  • Interactive Screens
3DX views multi-platform.
Day and night icon.

Day and Night

Toggle seamlessly between day and night aerial views all in one click of a button.

360 view icon.

360° View

360° view around your development's location. It's compatible with both mouse and touch.

Directional compass icon.

Directional Compass

Know the exact the direction the viewer is facing with the accurate directional compass below the panorama.

Floor selection icon.

Floor Selection

Select the floor to look and experience the views from.

Floorplan icon.

Key Floorplan

The floorplan accurately follows the floor selected.

Custom logo icon.

Custom Branding

Customize 3DX Views with your unique branding.

Building floor indicator icon.

Building Floor Indicator

Miniature building highlights the selected floor.

Project Types

High-rise project types for 3DX Views.

High-rise projects

Low-rise projects for 3DX Views.

Low-rise projects + Townhomes



Information gathering


Image Capturing




Training & Launch


Building Overview

Floor Plans
Building Architectural Design

Aerial Images

Project Location
360° Aerial shots

Branding Details

Branding Voice

Are you interested?

We welcome new inquiries - contact us and request a 3DX Views quote.

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