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EPIC 3DX makes it possible to sell real estate anywhere. Designed specifically with real estate professionals in mind, 3DX will revolutionize the way you showcase properties.

Times have changed, and selling real estate is no longer limited to show homes and presentation centers. EPIC 3DX combines the latest cross-platform 3DX technology to provide holistic project visualization.


What is 3DX?

An elegant simple solution

3DX addresses the limitations of current sales methods by leveraging cutting-edge 3D technology.

A sales and marketing tool of the future

We leverage advanced 3D technology to bridge the gap between traditional and future real estate practices.

User friendly digital platform

Integrates all your project information from traditional sales tools into an interactive 3D app or a user-friendly website for viewing by both buyers and sellers.

360° view of your development

You are no longer limited to flat 2D images. 3DX enables you to rotate and explore the entire building in 'true 3D,' allowing you to experience the project in its full environmental context.

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Main Features

Real Time 3D icon.

Real Time 3D

Interactive and immersive

Highly interactive icon.

Highly Interactive

Reliable, smooth interactivity

Real time updates icon.

Real Time Updates

Real-time, on-the-go updates are readily accessible on the cloud.

Multi-platform icon.


Available for mobile, tablets, desktop, and kiosks

3D environment icon.

3D Environment

Show entire location & surroundings

Easy to use icon.

Easy to Use

Common mobile gestures make it familiar and easy to use right from the get go

How does 3DX work?

Real time 3D

Real time 3D

Interactive, immersive, responsive, superfluid 3D graphics to showcase your development and all of its selling features including units, amenities all within the 3DX app.

Floor plans gif


Every single floorplan and unit information is accessible through a simple double-tap. Visually selecting units is incredibly satisfying.

Dollhouse gif

Dollhouse visualization

With a simple touch, you can see the entire floorplan come to life. Dollhouse mode makes it easy to view floorplans and layouts.

Unit list gif

Unit list

If you’re used to the traditional spreadsheet list, we have you covered. Our unit list and inventory view is up-to-date and available at your fingertips. Sort based on price, number of rooms, sq.ft. and more.

Location proximity gif

Location + proximity view

See the proximity of major landmarks and local conveniences and even their distance.


  • Portable Devices
  • Desktop Computers
  • Interactive Screens
Multi-platform 3DX.
Location map icon.

Location Map

One click button to activate bird-eye map view, which can be moved to show surrounding area. It includes a distance marker from the development.

Availability icon.


Check and obtain real time data for Sold / Available / Unreleased / Reserved status.

3D environment icon.

3D/Doll House View

Seamlessly switch from 3D to Dollhouse view in a click of a button.

Proximity map icon.

Proximity Map

Get accurate distance of POIs such as attractions, transit, shopping areas, services, dining, entertainment, parks, schools, hospitals, and groceries.

Features icon.


Customizable branding features such as top banner image.

Isometric 3D icon.

Isometric 3D

Freely angle the 3D/Dollhouse view.

Gallery icon.


Include floating thumbnails in customizable locations. Hide/show image depending on viewing angle.

Floorplan icon.

Floor Plans

Include floor plans of your development.

Filter icon.


Multiple filtering options such as size, # of bedrooms, price or status.

Gallery list icon.

Gallery List

Sort gallery with categories such as exterior and interior. There's no limit to the number of categories or number of images. Customize each image with its own caption.

Unit dimension icon.

Unit Dimensions

Accurate unit dimensions available for view.

Custom button icon.

Custom Buttons

Customize buttons according to your vision.

Project Types

High rise project type.

High-rise projects

Low rise project type.

Low-rise projects + Townhomes

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We welcome new inquiries - contact us and request a 3DX quote.

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Anytime, Anywhere

Professional, interactive presentations for a perfect sales process are available anytime, anywhere. Whether it's at a presentation center on a large screen or on the go on a mobile phone.

Accelerate On-boarding And Sales Process

Effortless onboarding without the need to memorize or flip through floor plans.

Easy & Fast Distribution

Elevate your sales strategy to reach clients worldwide.


Learning Curve

Easy to learn and use. Uses same gestures as smartphones so feels natural to sales personal and customers.

All information in one place

No more going back and forth between multiple print materials. All the information needed in one digital platform.

Instant updates

Instant sync and updates to reflect the latest inventory and information.

Overseas Buyers

Attract overseas buyers effortlessly by showcasing your project online, with no limitation of devices.


On demand, 24/7

Learn about the new project from the comfort of their own home.

Dollhouse Visualization

Easily visualize their potential new home by switching from 2D to 3D dollhouse visualization in one click.

All-in-one information

From 3D renders to features, from proximities to unit dimensions, all the information is at their fingertips with a simple swipe.

Full Unit List

Comprehensive filter function for effortless unit, price, size, and status comparisons empowers decision-making.



Information gathering




Interior & UX/UI


Training & Launch



Project Identity
Developer Logo
Features List
Renderings / Images / Views Master
Plan and Buildings Overview

Cad Files

Elevations Master-plan
Interior /Floor Plans
Dp For Reference
Doors & Windows Schedules


Unit Matrix
Floor Plans Types
Colour Schemes
Materials Shop List / Photo Samples
Feet Or Meter Decision


Furniture Shop List
Images For Reference

Location & Maps

Project Location Address
Points of Interest List
Category List

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We welcome new inquiries - contact us and request a 3DX quote.

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